I am a public space scholar and a passionate activist, cultural entrepreneur and academic. My expertise is grounded in extensive academic postdoctoral research and teaching in Italy and Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, as well as more than twenty years of professional practice as urban designer with a focus on public space.

Through my Italian non-profit organisation City Space Architecture, that I founded in 2013, I am fully committed to promoting public space culture on a global scale, working in partnership with UN-Habitat, universities and leading institutions worldwide, engaging large audiences . I have

I hold a strong record of academic publications, in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. I have been the recipient of prestigious grants and awards, such as the Marco Polo Scholarship granted by University of Bologna and hosted at the University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design (2012) and the Australia Endeavour Executive Award, the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based fellowship program aimed at bringing leading researchers and professionals to Australia, hosted at the Queensland University of Technology, School of Design (2018). I have served as a speaker in major international conferences in more than thirty countries.

As always Luisa – you are on FIRE! And an inspiration.
I am honoured to work with someone with such an incredible reach, collaborative generosity and inspiring vision and who never tires.

Fiona Hillary
Program Manager, Art in Public Space
RMIT University, Australia

You taught me the true importance of public spaces and the role they play on the human psyche. In a world governed by self-interest, it is crucial for universities all over the world to impart to their students the necessity of the existence of high-quality public spaces and you have gone above and beyond the call of duty to communicate such an existential concept to your students. I have become a true fan of your crusade for better public spaces.

Babak Shakiba
Master student, University of Florence

My personal congratulations to you for all ideas, from the very first one – that this world needs City Space Architecture – and, in particular, for your amazing stamina. I feel really proud for being part of your projects since that inspirational start in Bologna in 2014.

Darko Radovic
Emeritus Professor
Keio University, Japan

Your worldview about the human value of public space and your personal warmth uplifted us, Luisa, at a time when feeling uplifted is a precious, if not rare, quality.
And you! What a pleasure it was to meet you. I am still shaking my head when I look at the list of your accomplishments and your current endeavors.
Warmest thanks on behalf of all the students in University in the Community and a very special thank you from me. 

Joanne Mackay-Bennett
Coordinator, University in the Community
Toronto, Canada

Big shout out to you Luisa for your leadership, creativity, and productivity!! All these initiatives are super interesting and important. It is not easy to accomplish them without tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, especially at these extraordinary times.
This is amazing! Thank you.

Zhixi C. Zhuang
Associate Professor and Director, DiverCity Lab
Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada

Congratulations on officially signing the agreement with UN-Habitat. I can’t help but feel proud of your achievements that I have watched flourish through the past years. You really inspire me greatly.

Joumana Stephan
Architecte | Doctorante en Architecture
Université Libanaise UL – EDST


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